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十月 10, 2017
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十月 17, 2017
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How to Make Your Luggages Last Longer?

Ever buy a brand new travel luggage trolley suitcase and notice that it’s torn just a few vacations later?  Travel luggage case has been one of the must-have items for traveling, so what should we pay attention to in order to maintain our luggage bags?


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1. Body Material

The body material is the important components of Rolling case, and generally can be divided into Leather, Canvas, Nylon, EVA, etc. Use wet cloth or viscose roller brush to clean the luggage case surface that made of Canvas, Nylon, EVA.  (Remember use cold water and donot iron it in case of burning the epidermis!) And for stubbon stains, you can scrub it with wet cloth or a soft brush which dipped with neutral detergent. When donot need to use the trolley case,remember to cover it up with plastic bag to avoid dust.  Avoid sharp things like knives cutting the surface of luggage case, also tear off the cargo sticker on the suitcase as soon as possible!

2.  Wheels 

The wheels are the most vulnerable part of  Trolley luggage case. For a longer life of our luggage case, we should remember to make it stand up-right or side-up when not in use.  This could help increase the force area of the case and reduce the weight to the wheels. And try not to keep the case rolling on rugged road.

3.  Trolley

If you can then better to choose the luggage case with Aluminum alloy trolley, because it’s more solid, stable and hardto be damaged. And remember to pull your rollig case slightly instead of rudely, which can make your luggage trolley case last for longer time.

4.  Code Lock

Better to keep in mind the password of your trolley luggage case, in case you have to unlock the luggage by damaging the genuine lock!

5.  Handle

Donot overload the trolley luggage and always keep it not loaded too heavy, which will help protect the handle from being damaged.

6.  Zipper

The Zipper can also be damaged easily. So donot pull the zipper much rudely!

And remeber not pack your luggages too much in order to protect the zippers.

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