Smart luggage

七月 24, 2018

New Technology Built-in Weight Scale Handle integrated with USB Ports for Luggage!

Newest Design Smart Weighing Scale Handle integrated with USB charging ports for travel luggage. Thi […]
十月 10, 2017

How to Keep Your Luggage Safe While Traveling

  TSA approved lock or high-security lock? Should you put your valuables in your luggage case a […]
十月 9, 2017

SHOWKOO Version 4.0 Smart Luggage ready for orders!

NEW FASHION Smart Travel luggage suitcase with Double USB charging+Digital weight scale LCD display+ […]
十月 8, 2017

Invitation for the coming 122nd Canton Fair

Invitation for the 122nd Canton Fair from Vastchip Luggages   We hereby sincerely invite All cu […]
九月 12, 2017

2017 Intelligent weighing smart luggage bags ABS suitcases

Have you worried about the luggage out of the weight rule when you consign for air shippment ? Are y […]
七月 29, 2017

Smart luggage with blue tooth tacker digital weigh handle TSA lock

Currently, we are cooperating with Coolife of USA, Carrefour of France/Hongkong, Jakob Winter GmbH o […]