Ultra-light soft luggage;Nylon trolley luggage

July 31, 2017

New model of ultra-light soft luggage

Recently we created a product, it is very very light, but it is also very very strong. Firstly, pls check the pictures as blow: Secondly, the material we use the high-grade and recyclable material, it is very shatterproof, and we had tested it. Thirdly, it is also very very very light. The 20 inch is 2.3kg, the 24 inch is 2.7kg, the 28 inch is 3.2kg, and the total weight is 8.2kg. It is our own created product, our own products. We used the super light environmental PP material, and in the inner, ther are 4pcs glass fiber bars. Do you want to check the real inner? […]