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Author 2021-09-15

The man hid his suitcase and flew from Southern Cross Station to Central Station

  A very shocking video   went viral on youtube recently   A man from the United States in the video   Adam Saleh   try to hide in a suitcase   flew from Southern Cross Station to Centr...



Author 2021-09-08

Backpacker's backpack

Backpacks are the warehouses and homes we move when we hike. A reasonable choice of backpacks can help reduce fatigue and risk during the hike. It also enables us to fully experience the charm of the ...



Author 2021-09-02

Backpackers need to know, what is a round-the-world pass?

The round-the-world package is not a ticket operated by a single airline, but a multi-segment ticket jointly issued by an alliance of different airlines in many countries. The essence is to use airlin...



Author 2021-08-25

Tips for suitcase storage

Tightly roll up the clothes and pants into a cylindrical shape and pile them together for later use. Then put the heaviest items such as shoes and rolled trousers on the bottom of the suitcase. After ...



Author 2021-08-18

How to maintain the trolley bag

Nowadays, people are more pursuing the comfort of life, so in recent years, more and more people like to travel. At this time, trolley bags are a must-have item. However, many consumers do not know to...



Author 2021-08-14

How to choose the suitcase that suits you?

There are at least two impulses in a person's life, a desperate love, and a trip that just says nothing. If you can't find someone who can make you desperate, at least we can find someone who can acco...