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3 simple steps to make mountain climbing more comfortable

0 Author 2021-11-10 16:01:11

  The upper body of the hiking bag has not been adjusted properly, and even the best hiking bag can't exert its burden-relieving ability. When preparing to set off, be sure to check whether the adjustment of the backpack is in place and whether it is comfortable to walk!

  1. Fasten your belt and backpack

  Everyone’s intuition may be that of course it is carried on the shoulders, but the secret of mountaineering backpacks is different. Compared with shoulders, the core trunk of the human body will be more powerful through the waist during the journey. Therefore, the overall weight of the mountaineering backpack is about More than 70% is supported by a tight waistband, so you should understand how important the adjustment of the waistband is.

  Be sure to tighten the belt. Most of the weight of the mountaineering backpack is shared by the belt to ensure that the overall backpack is very stable after the belt is tightened.

  *When tightening the belt webbing, you can press the unilateral belt with one hand to prevent the entire backpack from rotating on the body and the belt is not easy to tighten.

  *Using squatting and raising legs to confirm whether the position of the belt affects the activity.

  2. Tighten the shoulder straps to ensure fit

  Avoid excessive pressure on people's body types. Even if it is a backpack that fits the length of the back, sometimes it cannot fully conform to the shape of the individual's shoulders. After the shoulder straps are properly tightened, it can be fitted to the shoulders and backs of the human body. At the same time, avoid causing the shoulder straps to compress the chest.

  *The shoulder straps should be tightened to fit the body shape, and the strength is evenly distributed on the back of the shoulders, making it more comfortable to carry.

  3. Adjust the chest strap to be most comfortable according to the different backplane structure

  The normal height of the chest strap of the repacking bag is 3-5 cm below the collarbone. The chest strap can be adjusted to be parallel to the height of the armpit, so that the entire backpack is more integrated with the human body, and the backpack shakes when walking, especially In more intense activities, it can provide a stable burden.

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