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Do n’t throw the old suitcase, I have 7 ways to make it reappear!

0 Author 2020-04-09 14:57:47

I don’t know if you are like this. Anyway, I still have a feeling for the suitcase. It has accompanied me through a lot of long journeys, and the traces are mottled. I don’t know what was the suitcase you used to walk through many places with you, how is it now?

Have you ever thought that one day it will no longer be able to follow us around, I believe you and I can't bear to throw away this suitcase carrying so many travel memories. Therefore, I has collected some creative transformations of old suitcases for everyone, let's take a look.

Coffee table

You must not think that the suitcase can be transformed into a coffee table. And whether you intend to keep its original appearance or paint it with a new color, it can be very retro!

Pet bed

In fact, the old suitcase can be transformed into a small bed for pets at home, is it also very practical?

If you put lace on the suitcase after the transformation, do you feel that the cat has become more girlish.

There are two cute pets at home, we can also open the suitcase to make a simple "bunk bed".

Bedside table

If your home has a large number of old suitcases like ours, you can also stack them of different sizes to make a small bedside table.

Bed end stool

Unfortunately, the bedside table was provided when buying the bed? Then use it as a bench or storage box at the end of the bed.


Many people know that the wooden shelf is very practical, so I suggest that you can also transform the old suitcase, and it can also be turned into a shelf that can be displayed and stored after being put on the wall! The decoration is also very strong.

Shoe rack

If there are not many shoes, it is appropriate to use them as a shoe rack. I am talking about the case when there are not many shoes.


Can the old suitcase be transformed into a small practical table? Is it amazing. But the size of the table depends on how big your old suitcase is. It also comes with the function of storing the display rack, in short, creative full score!

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