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90% of outdoor people don’t know this cold knowledge about outdoor

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young people

If we do not get crazy now, we're going to grow old!

A group of young people who love to play and know how to play are here...

Many people will ask, how can I become an outdoor god? Well, it must take time to accumulate experience slowly.

Although the outdoor gods cannot be fast-tracked, I want to introduce you some cold outdoor knowledge that only the outdoor gods know. Let’s take a look. What do you know?

1. Don't clenched your fists while hiking

This small action will involuntarily make the whole body muscles in a semi-tensed state, which will make us fatigue more easily and consume physical strength. Your hands should be bent naturally, and even if you are holding trekking poles, you should not use excessive force.

2. Toothpaste can be used as medicine

We are always bitten by mosquitoes or heatstroke and dizzy when we are outdoors. What should we do if there is no corresponding medicine at this time?

The outdoor god tells you not to ignore the role of toothpaste at this time. Because toothpaste contains certain anti-inflammatory ingredients, when we do not have medicine, applying toothpaste to the affected area can temporarily replace the medicine.

3. Travelers begging in the downtown area are all liars

There is a very familiar scene, three or four mountain bikes, and a few travellers standing in front of them with placards. Their equipment looks bright and beautiful, with almost no signs of wear. The sign will say that they have encountered difficulties and need your help.

What is certain is that these people are just scammers wearing travelers' coats, and real travelers would not do this. Don't be fooled.

4. Most fire-making skills are not available

There are many books or posts that talk about how to make fire in the wild, such as drilling wood to make fire, magnifying glass to make fire, etc. These skills are all indispensable, because the operation is complicated and the conditions are harsh, and it is difficult to achieve. save trouble.

5. Fat people are more likely to be highly reactive than thin people

The human body's basic oxygen consumption is directly proportional to body weight. The larger the body weight, the more oxygen is needed. When you come to the plateau, the oxygen content of the air drops, and heavy people cannot get enough oxygen and are more likely to have altitude sickness.

And it is obvious that none of the people who climbed the summit of a mountain above 8,000 meters was fat.

Therefore, the first thing you want to climb a snow mountain is to lose weight.

6. Most people can't persist

Many people were full of enthusiasm when they first started contacting the outdoors, but very few people can persist in the end. The classic two-eight law, 80% of people give up, 20% of people insist, and outdoor circles are no exception. When you see the person who was playing before, there is no sound suddenly, don't be surprised, because he is a member of 80%.

7. Water is more important than food

Most people carry more food when they go out, but you may not know that if you are in danger outdoors, water is far more important than food. Without food, people can live for more than ten days. Without water, people can only live. Three days!

So when you are outdoors, try to prepare enough water for yourself. It doesn't matter if you have less food.

8. The vast majority of injuries occur when going downhill

After a long and laborious hike up the mountain, you have come down. At this point, your physical strength has been consumed a lot, and your spirit is the most lax, but injury is most likely to happen at this stage. Such as knee and toe injuries, such as accidentally stepping on the air or slipping.

Therefore, we must pay more attention to protect ourselves when going down the mountain.

9. Guidelines for carrying the best clothes outdoors

The best way to carry clothes outdoors is: all clothes can be worn as a set!

When we go hiking in the alpine region, some people will bring two jackets or down jackets. Usually the extra one is extra, and the probability of being used is very small. It is better to change to a soft shell jacket to wear inside.

10. Any sunscreen is not effective for wearing an extra hat

UV is flooded all year round. Many people wear sunscreen before leaving, but the most effective way to block the sun is physical isolation. For example, wearing a fisherman's hat, wearing a layer of skin clothing, and sunscreen, the effect is more than doubled.

Have you got all these outdoor cold knowledge?

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