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What material is good for suitcase-detailed analysis

0 Author 2020-11-24 10:39:26

When traveling, a suitable suitcase is essential. What are your requirements for suitcases? Fashionable, elegant, sturdy, durable, and portable. Looking at the dazzling array of suitcases, what kind of suitcase is what you need?


1. Divided by material, suitcases are currently divided into two categories: soft cases and hard cases. Generally speaking, the hard case has good water resistance, good maintenance, strong pressure resistance.

hard case

2. The soft box is light and can hold more things, which is an advantage and a disadvantage. If you load too much stuff, the sewing thread will be tightened, and the force of the sewing thread will be exceeded, causing the sewing thread to stretch and break the bag. Checked baggage, generally 70% of soft baggage is damaged in this way.

The soft box luggage

3. ABS material belongs to thermal vacuum forming. In simple terms, the hard shell has an inner lining, and most of it is ABS. The internal texture of ABS is more refined, the shell surface is rich in changes, and it is more impact resistant than soft boxes. Because the box frame is relatively heavier, it can protect the clothes from being wrinkled, and the fragile items are not easy to damage.

The only thing to pay attention to when using it is that the fuller the device is, the better. It is the most correct to fill all the gaps, press and close it, and it is the safest and most durable.

ABS Trolley Luggage

4. PP material belongs to injection molding, both inside and outside are the same color series. Without lining, most of them are made of PP. PP material is a product developed to meet the requirements of the industrial age and to save labor costs. It is expensive to develop and has a long service life. All parts and accessories are dedicated and cannot be modified. Therefore, only professional brands or professional factories have the ability to develop and produce. Its characteristics are impact resistance, good waterproofness, and it doesn't matter whether it is full or not.

PP Luggage

5. The suitcase made of cloth and EVA material has been very popular in the past ten years. Embarking on a new generation of development system, the cloth surface of the soft box can be made three-dimensional, various shapes and curves can be shaped, and manufacturing wages can be saved, the production process can be accelerated, and the use of honeycomb panels, a new generation of travel The box was born. It feels like a hard-shell box, but it does not have the weight of a hard-shell box. The box shell is more varied. It can also be equipped with an enlargement function. It is equipped with a pull rod. The design of multiple pulleys at the bottom makes it easier and more convenient for users. Shoppers, let travelers who go shopping abroad no longer need to bring more suitcases.

Travel Bags Luggage

6. The characteristics of aluminum alloy materials are durable, wear-resistant, and impact-resistant. Most of the service life of the case itself can be maintained at five or more than ten years. It is divided into integral molding or combination molding. However, damage to the surrounding accessories can still be repaired. If you require a beautiful and complete appearance, it is probably impossible—unless, you want to change to a new suitcase. Otherwise, it should be rare to use the suitcase to be unusable, but the premise is that it must be used in the correct way to use its characteristics. Compared with the general suitcase, it is heavy. A little price is much more expensive than the average.

Aluminum Trolley Suitcase Luggage


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