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Difference in travel

0 Author 2021-01-13 18:24:14

In recent years, with the rapid economic development, people's acceptance of the sport of tourism has gradually increased, and more and more people have begun to travel on holidays. In fact, it is not only the case in China, but also in the international community. However, due to different habits, residents of different countries show different characteristics when traveling. Today we will share why foreigners travel and like to be chic backpackers, while Chinese people like trolley suitcases?

For example, Chinese residents often carry large and small bags on their backs and go to their favorite destinations. This is not the case for some travel friends abroad. Their travel process seems simple and casual, especially some residents of Western European countries. Many even travel with only a backpack on their backs. This way of walking and walking is also very enviable. People are amazed by their chic and delightfulness.

However, even so, after sighing, when we travel to the destination, we will still carry the items we need, towels, toothbrushes, clothing and sanitary ware as fully as possible. This is actually a phenomenon brought about by the cultural differences between the two countries. Although most Chinese tourists carry boxes in large and small packages when traveling, this way of traveling is not without benefits.

Due to the meticulousness and thoroughness, people can have more energy to rest and appreciate the surrounding scenery after arriving at the hotel. When you really start to visit the local scenery, you can also carry a small bag on your back to carry the items you need for the day. Although this method seems very troublesome, it actually has the calmness that backpackers do not have.

Nowadays, some domestic tourists have begun to choose backpacks to travel. They will simplify the number of items they need to carry as much as possible before traveling, and when they need them, they will buy their own daily necessities locally. This approach actually appears. It is closely related to the improvement of my country's economic level. After all, the cost of purchasing these necessities of life is sometimes a huge expense. Friends, how will you travel?

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