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A brief introduction to the trolley case

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"A person must have at least two impulses in one's life, a desperate love, and a trip to leave." This sentence is familiar to everyone, because the online shopping experience about trolley cases is relatively scattered and not comprehensive enough. Vivid; the site often pushes some preferential information about luggage and bags. For the purpose of solving worries and confusions for value friends, this experience revolves around how to choose a correct trolley case.

Body directory:

1. The size of the trolley case and aviation standards

2. What size box do you need

3. Is the loading and unloading of airport ground handling really scary (attached with three videos of loading and unloading luggage in China, Hong Kong and abroad)

4. Choose soft box or hard box?

5. Which is better and better, PC vs ABS?

Sixth, can not be ignored: the weight of the box

7. PC boxes that passed the brute force test

8. What must be paid attention to: the anti-theft of the trolley case

Nine, a good partner for trolley cases: anti-cracking and anti-theft straps

Ten. Must know: Trolley case warranty regulations

11. Brand introduction of the trolley case with a link in the site

12. Choose a suitable box = permutation and combination of brand, material, size, and price

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1. The size of the trolley case and aviation standards
20 inch trolley case size: 34cm*50cm*20cm

22 inch trolley case size: 39cm*58cm*24cm

24-inch trolley case size: 42cm*68cm*26cm

28 inch trolley case size: 47cm*78cm*28cm

32 inch trolley case size: 53cm*88cm*30cm

The dimensions of length, width and height are only reference dimensions. The size of trolley cases of different brands will be slightly different, mainly based on the sum of the three sides. Generally speaking, the international boarding size is within 115CM, the free consignment size is within 158CM, and the consignment weight is 20-32kg/piece. The specific size and weight standards of each airline:

↑In general e-commerce advertisements, the introduction of boxes can see this comparison chart with height and box height. ↑


2. What size box do you need
Business Travel: Short-term: Business-style suitcases with you along the way: A brief introduction to the luggage

Long term: shipping box

Pleasant travel: Lightweight, backpack or suitcase. There is you along the way: a brief introduction to the trolley case

Buy, buy, buy travel: 28-inch shipping box Matryoshka 24-inch shipping box or 28-inch shipping box*2 (Destined to be a prodigal journey with you along the way: a brief introduction to the trolley box)

Studying abroad: the more the better, the 28-inch consignment box*2+carry-in case, there is you along the way: a brief introduction to the trolley case

The above recommendation is just a brief description, and specific issues still need specific analysis.


3. Is the loading and unloading of airport ground handling really scary?

↑ The picture above is the luggage conveyor belt at the airport. The height of the luggage thrown is generally within the height range of the ground crew ↑

In fact, the loading and unloading of ground handling is not terrible, but don’t take it lightly. Some inevitable damages are definitely there, such as common stains, abrasion, knocking off wheels, breaking boxes (the luggage strap will be mentioned below), etc., boxes As long as you check in, you can't escape these. Those who want to keep the box perfect should choose to board the box.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Soft case:
The material is canvas, EVA, nylon, leather, etc. It is characterized by exquisite style and light box, but it is not as good as a hard box in terms of compression resistance and waterproof;

Cloth Box Luggage

↑Elegant soft box↑

Hard case:
The material is ABS, PC, PP, aluminum-magnesium alloy, etc. The characteristics of the hard case are high temperature resistance, wear resistance, and waterproof and compression resistance;

Alloy Travel Luggage

↑ Tough hard case ↑

Some people are accustomed to boarding in soft box + checked in hard box, some are used to boarding in hard box + checked in soft box, of course there are also soft box boarding + soft box checked (soft box control) or hard box boarding + hard box checked (hard box Control), it depends on personal preference~ The following two are representative of the tall, regardless of quality and price, come out for a show~

Obviously, the soft box has stronger drop resistance than the hard box. The basic loading and unloading is not broken, and it is more durable. However, fragile items cannot be placed in the soft box (fragile items are generally recommended to be placed in the cabin). It is easy to break or be smashed; for the same reason, the hard case does have the risk of being broken. With the advancement of technology, better and better materials ensure the toughness of the hard case, such as PC material, which will be described in detail below The characteristics of PC material, the characteristics of the hard box is that it has good compression resistance, and provides protection for the contents of the box. Soft cases and hard cases can be selected on demand. If you just pack clothes and put plastic bags on them, the soft cases can also play a good waterproof role; if you check in a few bottles of red wine, the soft cases are not quite capable. At this time More suitable for choosing hard cases.


5. Which is better and better, PC vs ABS?
PC: English name: Polycarbonate
Polycarbonate is a new type of thermoplastic engineering plastic. Polycarbonate has excellent electrical insulation properties and mechanical properties, especially impact resistance, high toughness, and a wide temperature range (-100~130℃). High transparency (known as "transparent metal"), non-toxic, easy to process and shape. It can not only replace some metals, but also glass, wood, etc. In recent years, polycarbonate has developed rapidly and has been widely used in machinery, automobiles, airplanes, instrumentation, electrical appliances and other industries.

ABS: English name: Acrylonitrilr-butadiene-styenecolymer
ABS resin is a copolymer of three monomers of acrylonitrile (A), butadiene (B) and styrene (S). The ABS resin maintains the excellent electrical properties and easy processing and moldability of styrene, and increases the elasticity, Strength (characteristic of butadiene), heat and corrosion resistance (excellent properties of acrylonitrile), high surface hardness and good chemical resistance. At the same time, by changing the ratio of the above three components, various types of ABS can be changed. Performance, so ABS engineering plastics have a wide range of uses, mainly used in machinery, electrical, textile, automotive and shipbuilding industries.

The density of 100% PC material is more than 15% higher than that of ABS, so it does not need to be thick to achieve a solid effect and can reduce the weight of the box. This is the so-called lightweight. ABS boxes are relatively heavy and thick in comparison. ABS+PC is in the middle;

PC can withstand temperature: -40 degrees to 130 degrees (this data is different from the above description), ABS can withstand temperature: -25 degrees to 60 degrees;

PC compressive strength is 40% higher than ABS

PC tensile strength is 40% higher than ABS

PC flexural strength is 40% higher than ABS

Pure PC boxes will only produce dent marks when exposed to strong impact, and are not easy to break; ABS has less pressure resistance than PC, and is prone to breakage and whitening. (Data comes from Baidu Encyclopedia)

↑ Whitening is probably what the arrow will look like ↑

The above analysis shows that PC has outstanding impact toughness, high heat resistance, and good cold resistance. The embrittlement temperature can reach -100°C. Compared with ABS, the advantages are obvious. Quantitative boxes are a necessary condition, and cold resistance is also an important indicator. You can't go to Northeast or Northern Europe. The box will break when it freezes.


Sixth, can not be ignored: the weight of the box

↑ I like this creative picture, the characteristic of a good box: light ↑

The advantages of PC compared to ABS mentioned earlier include weight advantages, but the actual weight comparison shows that the difference between them is not large. The reason why the PP green trolley case is the heaviest is because it has the largest volume. Analysis, cloth box, PC box, ABS box, PP box, the weight of 28 inches is almost the same, it can be roughly calculated as 5 kg, you can choose according to your needs.


7. PC boxes that passed the brute force test

When I explained PC vs ABS, I said that PC has the most outstanding impact resistance and high toughness, so the PC box can withstand such jumping and trampling. Some friends think that the PC box is thin and soft. However, this is actually a misunderstanding. PCs have such characteristics. PC cases reinforced with aluminum frames will deform better. The zippered PC cases are really soft and easily deformed, but it doesn’t mean that it’s easy to break.

↑ Strong resilience, deformation is not terrible ↑


8. What must be paid attention to: the anti-theft of the trolley case
There is a real risk of theft of the zippered box, which mainly occurs at the airport. If the luggage is out of sight for a long time, the theft on the luggage conveyor belt, the thief uses the blind spot of the camera to steal, and now the airport has strengthened the security and the camera, the situation of theft is better In railway stations, passenger stations and other places, luggage will not leave the line of sight for a long time, and be vigilant at any time, generally there will be no theft; in hotels, on the basis of the code lock, it is best to add a cross with a code lock Packing belts are generally very safe.

↑ Aluminum frame ↑

In response to the zipper incident, many luggage companies have also adopted various countermeasures. Everyone generally agrees that the safety of aluminum frames is better than that of zippers. However, in pursuit of lightness, many boxes have not given up on zipper boxes, and have put a lot of effort on zippers. , Such as security zipper, reverse zipper, can increase the difficulty of stealing.

↑ Reverse zipper ↑

↑ Patented security double zipper ↑

↑ Double-layer zippers are much stronger than single-layer zippers, and they will be cut apart, but it only increases the difficulty of committing crimes. ↑

There is no function that can be absolutely anti-theft. If you are worried about by thieves, you can pry open everything. The aluminum frame increases the safety of the trolley case, but it increases the weight. You can choose according to your needs. If you often need to carry valuables Yes, try to choose a box with good anti-theft performance; if you only carry clothes and other not very expensive items, you can choose a lighter zipper box. I want to explain here, in fact, the best way to carry valuables is to carry them with you. Whether it is a train or an airplane, you can carry it with you, which is the safest within your line of sight.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Nine, a good partner for trolley cases: anti-cracking and anti-theft straps

↑ Colorful cross straps (no code lock) ↑

If the color of your box is not very bright, it is often not so eye-catching on the conveyor belt. At this time, a brightly colored packing belt is a good choice. The cross strap has a very practical function, it is cracked, eye-catching, and anti-theft. If you travel abroad, it is recommended to choose the TSA code lock strap. I personally recommend buying products that are slightly more expensive and of more reliable quality.

↑ Cross strap with TSA customs lock ↑

↑ TSA packing belt with indicator light ↑

The above packing belt is for my own use. It is cross-wrapped. The longest is 3.8 meters. It has a TSA code lock and indicator. When it is opened, the color will change from red to green. Generally, TSA ones are more expensive.  If you don't go abroad and don't use TSA, the ordinary combination lock style is completely enough.

The general zipper box is designed like this. The code is locked on one side and folded on the other side, so that even if the zipper is opened by a ballpoint pen, the thief cannot completely open the box. With the cross strapping, the opening of the box is even smaller. It is very difficult to steal anything bigger. In addition, the code lock locks the zipper head, and the zipper cannot be restored after it is opened. At a glance, the box has been opened. We also warn everyone here that the zipper should be locked to strengthen safety awareness.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Ten. Must know: Trolley case warranty regulations
Different brands have different warranty periods. If you really don’t know which box to choose, you might as well compare their warranty periods. Take a few brands that are often pushed on the site as an example to see how their warranty periods differ.


The warranty scope of DELSEY luggage and accessories includes:
1.Non-human damage luggage trolley and its components, etc.

2.Non-human damaged luggage wheels and their components, etc.

3.Non-artificially damaged luggage external code lock

4.The zipper pull of non-artificially damaged luggage zipper

5.Suture of non-human damaged luggage handle

6.The LOGO of the non-human-damaged luggage falls off, but is not lost.

The items that are not covered by the DELSEY luggage warranty and cannot be repaired include:
1.The overall fabric and lining fabric of the luggage. Cracks, breaks, scratches, wrinkles, stains, etc. are not covered by the warranty.

2.Luggage zipper chains are naturally worn out. Broken chains are not covered by the warranty.

3.The fabric of the luggage handle is naturally worn out. If the handle is stained or cracked, it is not covered by the warranty.

4.The fabrics around the sides and corners of the luggage are naturally worn out. For example, damage or cracking of the edge protection and corner protection is not covered by the warranty.

5.The brand LOGO is off and has been lost.

Although the cracking and damage of the cabinet is not covered by the warranty, other items such as the lever, wheel, and code lock are all covered by the warranty, especially the wheels and the lever, which are still very user-friendly. Regarding Yashi and American travelers, no specific warranty regulations have been found. Yashi’s warranty reads as follows: If during the warranty period, due to normal wear and tear, it is responsible for maintenance. The company and other well-known brands adhere to the usual principle and are not responsible for damage caused by improper use. If your luggage is damaged during the flight, please inform the airline you are flying with before leaving the airport.

Each box has its own guarantee certificate. After you buy it, you should keep the invoice, put it together with the guarantee certificate, and put it in the inner bag of the box. Wherever you go, go to the repair point in which city to repair it. A few pages of paper , It is not heavy, it is recommended to carry it with the box, but I have not encountered the problem of maintenance. Even the domestic box I bought a few years ago is still in good use.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Eleven. Brand introduction of trolley case
Take several brands that are often pushed on the site as an example. Let's talk about the brand story of the trolley case. If you are not interested, you can skip it. Mainly in order of domestic-foreign-high-end brands.

Under the brand of Nuente, Nuente Group was developed in 1992 and established in 2001. It is a production and export enterprise. David Mou, the founder of Bokexingzhe, after graduation in the late 1980s, David Mou went to Europe many times, and finally founded the predecessor of Bokexingzhe-Nuente Bags Company in 1992, and formulated the "factory-brand" -Retail" refers to the three-step strategy of "being a world-class factory, creating a world-class brand, and building a world-class retailer of luggage and bags". David Mou and Tom Chen, the original designer of LV, carried out the independent design and research and development of luggage, created an independent brand-Parker. Walker, and completed the transformation from an international brand OEM enterprise to independent brand construction.

Binhao has a professional development team, diversified development experience, and can master the development of various bags, soft bags, soft boxes, hard boxes, and combination of soft and hard products. Introduce new imported machinery and equipment, fully automated assembly line production line, to maximize work efficiency. The company’s management and technical backbones are strictly inspected in accordance with quality standards and are skilled in quality inspection. All pre-production trial samples must pass various laboratory tests, and must be reviewed by the technical department, the production management department and the business department before they can be officially produced on the line to avoid any errors during mass production. Of defective products or waste.

Karajan, founded in 1996, is a group-type luggage enterprise with multiple independent intellectual property rights, integrating design, production and sales. The enterprise is divided into Shanghai Karayang Bags Co., Ltd. whose main business is design and marketing, Zhejiang Karayang Business Leisure Products Co., Ltd. and Jiangsu Karayang Business Leisure Products Co., Ltd. whose main business is manufacturing. It is a professional luggage research and development, production and sales enterprise. The Karayang product line is widely involved in business, school bags, leisure, travel, shoulders, outdoor climbing, trolley cases and other fields.

American traveler
American Tourister ("American Travel") luggage brand, founded by Mr. Solkoffler in Rhode Island in 1933, has a long history of nearly eighty years. Joined Samsonite International Luggage Company in the 1990s. As the second brand of the Samsonite family, it operates globally and has independent advertising, operation, development, and procurement systems. It is a famous international luggage brand under Samsonite. The red and blue "butterfly wings" logo is a symbol of "Reliable Quality and Reasonable Price" of "Mei Travel" luggage. Its high-quality brand characteristics are more popular among users worldwide. The global sales network covers more than 100 countries, ranking second in the world in sales and providing global after-sales service. Its brand recognition: 88% in the United States and more than 60% in Europe. It is the preferred luggage brand for many young families in Europe and the United States for outdoor travel.

EMINENT was founded in 1979 and originated from Taiwan-Wanguo Luggage Co., Ltd. It is the largest world-class professional design and manufacturing company of ABS, PP, PC, nylon and polyester travel luggage in the luggage industry, with an annual output of 600 More than 90% of the products are sold to Europe, America, Japan and other countries. In 2004, the company's stock was listed in Taiwan (code 9950), and it is also the only listed company in the luggage industry.

The Diplomat brand was founded in Taiwan in 1971. It is a professional manufacturer of various high-end travel products including trolley cases, suitcases, cosmetic cases and other materials made of ABS, EVA and other materials. It has been marketed worldwide and more than 30 The country and region is one of the world's three major brands. Diplomats have factories in Taiwan and Shanghai. Domestic sales account for 30% and foreign sales account for 70%. It has the most modern manufacturing equipment, with an annual output of more than 2.5 million pieces and more than 1,800 patents from all over the world. In order to continuously improve the quality, the diplomat passed the British SGS ISO9002 international quality assurance in 1997.

French Ambassador
After World War II, Europe was a period of exquisite French craftsmanship. Two persistent Frenchmen, Delahaye and Seynhaeve, jointly created the Delsey brand, specializing in the development and design of travel bags. We only saw all kinds of trolley suitcases now when Delsey created the movable suitcase. Delsey has become the first choice for business people due to its light and durable texture. DELSEY has always been upholding the best quality at the lowest price. In the development history of DELSEY, it has won the Oscar for overseas business performance twice. Having a number of patented inventions in the luggage industry and going through six rigorous tests before products can be sold on the market. And DELSEY also has a global after-sales service network. Even if you are traveling, there is no need to worry about any problems. DELSEY luggage takes care of every little detail of you, making your journey a perfect meeting.

Samsonite (Samsonite)-an internationally renowned luggage brand, was founded in the United States in 1910. Excellent and outstanding product quality, design style synchronized with the times, thoughtful practicality and reliability, and perfect after-sales service have made Samsonite (Samsonite) won the love and recognition of consumers all over the world. In the United States, Samsonite has a 90% popularity, and in Europe it is as high as 70%. Samsonite (Samsonite) is a world-renowned luggage brand. Since the launch of the world's first rigid suitcase in 1910, it has become a model for other brands to imitate and follow with its extraordinary design and excellent quality. So far, it has production bases and sales networks all over the world. The founder, Mr. Jesse Schwedder, established a company that manufactures luggage in Denver, Colorado, USA. He hopes to give the new luggage a name that can symbolize the product's sturdiness and durability. Among his favorite heroes, Mr. Schward chose Samson, the Hercules in the Bible, to symbolize product features. In the course of nearly one hundred years of development, as a leader and pioneer in the luggage industry, Samsonite has been committed to providing comfortable and reliable high-quality innovative products for travelers around the world.

The RIMOWA premium suitcase brand is one of the few suitcase manufacturers in Germany and one of the only manufacturers in the industry that has inherited a century-old tradition. The product is made of two materials, namely aluminum-magnesium alloy and high-tech polycarbonate, which are known for being strong, durable and lightweight. It combines high-quality materials, excellent technology, unique design and extraordinary craftsmanship, and has become another "Made in Germany" legend. Since its birth in 1898, in its more than 100 years of development history, through the inheritance and innovation of three generations of the Morszeck family, this brand has long become one of the most well-known luggage brands in the international fashion industry, in Europe, America and even Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, etc. Countries and regions are highly respected. RIMOWA suitcase is world-renowned for its unique sturdy and lightweight materials, stylish exterior design, and reasonable internal layout. It is the best choice for almost all major Hollywood movies when choosing suitcase props. In "The Matrix" , "Spider-Man", "Smiths", "007", "Minority Report" and other classic movies can be found in the RIMOWA suitcase (travel suitcase).

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Twelve. Choose a suitable box = permutation and combination of brand, material, size, and price

After reading the above text, everyone should have their own ideas on the purchase of trolley cases? Choose a suitable box = permutation and combination of brand, material, size, price, the four options are combined with your own needs, and a trolley box that suits you is very easy to choose. The quality of the brand trolley cases, wheels and rods are very good, so I won’t go into another chapter to elaborate. The universal silent wheels and aluminum alloy rods are all standard trolley cases. Of course, tall brands have their own unique features. design:

The last little recommendation is suitable for value friends who want to buy a box but don’t know the specific purpose: PC+aluminum frame+24-inch+universal wheels+aluminum alloy rod+TSA cross strap to ensure pressure and waterproof, but also very good Good anti-theft, the volume of 24 inches is enough and it is not easy to be overweight, and the petite girls can also hold it. It is really a good box for home travel. You can pay more attention to the recommendations in the station. How can it be a perfect trip? A good box handy! ~​

↑ I hope everyone can have a wonderful journey of memory, and start! ↑

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