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How to choose a trolley case?

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Trolley case, as an essential tool for people to travel or travel on business, help people carry more items and make the process of going out more comfortable and comfortable. Almost everyone needs one or more trolley cases. However, there are so many trolley cases on the market, how can I choose a suitable trolley case? Next, let MONOS TRAVEL luggage leather goods to share for you.

PC trolley luggage

Box material

You know, according to the hardness points, trolley cases can be divided into hard cases and soft cases, each with its advantages and disadvantages. Among them, hard cases are generally made of PP, PC, ABS+PC and other materials, which have the characteristics of impact resistance, stylish appearance, and good waterproofness. They can protect the contents of the case well, but hard cases are generally heavier.

The soft box is lighter than the hard box, and the outside of the box is generally designed with multiple bags, which is convenient for storing more items. Soft boxes are generally made of Oxford cloth, polyester, canvas and other materials. The biggest advantage is wear resistance, and the biggest disadvantage is that it is not waterproof. Therefore, we need to choose a suitcase of suitable material according to our needs.

PC trolley luggage

Tie rod material and design

As one of the accessories of the trolley case, the quality of the trolley determines the service life of the trolley case. Under normal circumstances, the tie rods are made of aluminum alloy and steel. If you want the tie rods to be durable, it is best to choose a built-in and steel or all-aluminum tie rod, because such tie rods are more sturdy and can withstand rough handling. At the same time, the design of the pull rod is also very important. Generally, the pull rod with hidden handle button is adopted, which is more convenient to use and has a cleaner appearance.

Wheel material and design

Under normal circumstances, the rollers of the trolley case are made of rubber, wear-resistant and shock-absorbing, and have low noise. At the same time, it has built-in and external points. The built-in roller is also called a one-way wheel. The advantage is that it is durable, suitable for any road surface, and can withstand rough handling during consignment. The disadvantage is that it cannot be changed at will; the external roller is usually called a "unidirectional wheel", and the advantage is the trolley case During the operation, you can freely change the direction with your body's movement. It is very convenient to move, but its drawback is that it cannot withstand the "savage loading and unloading" during consignment. It is suitable for use on smooth roads such as airports.

Universal wheel

Opening design

There are two ways to design the opening and closing of the trolley case, one is the conventional zipper opening and closing, the other is the aluminum alloy frame opening and closing, the zipper opening and closing trolley case is lighter and can withstand greater deformation, while the aluminum The trolley case with the alloy frame body can withstand heavier weight. When we are tired, we can sit on the case and rest. Therefore, if you want to pack more things, but don't want the box to be big, the zipper trolley case is very suitable. If you want to use the box as a stool occasionally, the aluminum alloy frame trolley case is better.

The above is about how to buy a trolley case. Have you learned it? If you don't have a good trolley case, try the trolley case of MONOS TRAVEL luggage leather goods.

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