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Do you know the common sense of buying hard suitcases and soft suitcases?

0 Author 2020-11-17 16:25:46

Travel luggage is the most frequently used item transportation tool for our daily outings. The commonly used travel luggage includes travel backpacks and suitcases. Then choose to order suitcases. In the choice of materials for hard and soft cases, it must be basic Make a comprehensive understanding of common sense.

Cloth box luggage

1. Cabinet specifications

When customizing suitcases, you must be clear about the users of your customized luggage, and then choose specifications and fabrics according to your needs. Generally speaking, hard cases have the characteristics of high temperature resistance, abrasion resistance, pressure resistance, waterproof and so on. The soft box has lightness, toughness, and exquisite appearance. Compared with a hard box with a fixed capacity, the volume of the box can be adjusted at will.

Cloth box luggage

2. Trolleys, wheels and handles of luggage

In the process of using the suitcase, the most easily damaged places are the trolley, walking wheel and handle, so when customizing the suitcase, the main focus is to check these parts. When checking the lever, check the smoothness of the pull-in after repeatedly extending and retracting the lever, and whether the lever lock is normal. Check the walking wheel, which can be rotated and fiddled several times to see if it is still flexible.

Cloth box luggage

3. check the label identification

For the production of products, the regular manufacturers will generally indicate the name of the product, the product number, specifications and models, materials, the name and address of the production unit, and the way of summer mats. Therefore, checking these labels and signs can basically tell whether the luggage is genuine.

Cloth box luggage

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