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Get these storage tips,

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It is an indispensable topic in life.Every time I travel or go out, I can't wait to pack the whole world into a suitcase.

Why do you want to pack too many things?

So that every time you pack a suitcase, you need to think about it for a long time.

Where to pack Raiders coming。

Hurry up and live!

The first step to success: filling the ground floor

First of all, learn to fill in the bottom layer. This is the first step to perfect packing. A lot of small pieces can be hidden in the groove of the trunk. How can we waste it in the space inside the trunk? Tuck some soft, non-wrinkle clothing, such as vests, scarves, socks, towels, etc., into the gaps at the bottom of the box!

Roll is a good way

The skills of storing T-shirts, clothes and pants are just one word: roll! Roll up all your clothes! Rolling up not only reduces the volume, but also protects fragile items without leaving gaps. Different colors are placed separately, so you can find the target at a glance and it is not easy to wrinkle the clothes. Of course, you can see which one you want.

Vacuum bag

The clothes in spring, summer and autumn are not too thick and can be rolled up and stuffed into a suitcase. What about winter clothes such as down jackets and cotton clothes that are large and occupy a lot of space? At this time, a vacuum bag can save you! Pack large boxes with vacuum compression bags and save half of the space ~

How underwear balls are made

If it's men's underwear, just stack it casually, ah no, just stack it carefully and put it in a clean bag, but the girls will definitely worry that their bras will be deformed. At this time, the underwear ball is here! You can first fold the underwear in the middle of the corset, then fold it into a ball and put it in a clean storage bag so that it will not be pressed!

Ingenious use of shoes and socks

The fragile perfume bottles can be stuffed into the clean socks, and then the socks are stuffed into the shoes. This will protect the perfume and prevent the shoes from being deformed! After all, when we arrived at the destination to prepare for a beautiful play, we all knew the pain of broken perfume (covering his face and crying), and the camera lens is also applicable!

Shower cap is a good thing

The shoe storage bag is easily soiled. I believe that more than one person will refuse to reuse the storage bag containing the shoes! In fact, putting a shower cap on the sole can prevent the shoes from staining your clothes, and the shower cap is clean and the disposable shower cap is very cheap. It wo n’t hurt to throw one, clean and cost-effective!

Sun hat storage method

It is necessary to bring a sun hat to the beach. How to properly store the sun hat has always been a big problem! This kind of stuffing in the box will be embarrassing, and the stupid thing you always carry is a bug on the road! The coup came, put things like bath towels into the sun hat, and put other clothes around the brim of the hat. Do n’t worry about the hat being crushed, and some small items!

Skincare Makeover

When the girls are traveling, it is inevitable that they will bring bottles and cans. Toiletries, skin care products, cosmetics ... Samples sent when you buy these babies usually come in handy at this time, as well as various small bottles, which are also sold in various convenience stores, you can Slim down the luggage when packing!

If it ’s just a few days of short trips, and there are too many split bottles, skin care products such as creams can be packed in contact lens cases! Almost 2, 3ml capacity is perfect for short trips, small capacity is good, who uses who knows!

The magic of socks

If you stack your clothes with socks, you can also use the socks as a small storage bag as shown below, making the best use of it! (Remember to use clean socks ~)

Here are some practical tips for everyone, which have been classified according to their uses  ~~


Tip 1: Use a straw to attach a necklace

This will not knot it!

Tip 2: use the gum box

Issuing a card or a cotton swab is great ~

Tip 3: studs are hidden on buttons

Beautiful and practical, never worry about losing earrings anymore!

Tip 4: Pill boxes can be classified and assembled

People who like accessories can wear accessories every day!


Tip 1: glasses boxed accessories

Used to put the charging cable and headphones, the size is right!

Tip 2: Sunglasses change easily

Want to watch videos on the road, sunglasses can be used as a stand!

Tip 3: Cup becomes speaker

When you use the hotel, it is easy to want audio!


Tip 1: Seal with plastic wrap

Skin care, makeup, and perfume ruined a box!

Cling film is definitely an artifact

Seal the bottle cap and close the cap

Domineering does not leak!

Tip 2: cosmetics are shockproof

Consignment is the biggest disaster for eyeshadows and compacts

Crushed powder is like a broken heart ...

Putting in cotton pads and cotton balls before packing can effectively resist earthquakes

Try it out

It ’s really amazing!

Tip 3: Ingenious dispensing of straws

Use a candy bar or lighter and a few straws to get the daily washing amount!

Tip 4: Makeup brushes grab one hand

Eyebrow pencil, blush brush, lip brush can be put into disposable plastic gloves, so easy!

Tip 5: Long tail clip protects shaver

The shaver uses a long tail clip to prevent the blade cover from falling off and you don't have to worry about the clothes being scratched.

Tip 6: clothespins as toothbrush holders

This way the toothbrush will not touch the table, is it suddenly open?

After collecting these tips,

Is it because you can't help but want to go out and play?

Quick horse live this article full of dry goods

Pack the world out of your suitcase!

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