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Top 10 global suitcase brands

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Every traveler needs a good box!

Luggage is an intimate travel companion that is indispensable when traveling. A good luggage can help you bring back a lot of loot, and a bad luggage will make you angry. When choosing a suitcase, the appearance, brand and price are important, but also various functional indicators, such as: soft and hard shell, material, size, wheels, levers, locks, etc. Choose the right suitcase according to the needs of the journey, so that you can easily travel without becoming cumbersome.

If you like to play and travel, do you want to buy a top-rated suitcase brand? So many brands, which one is better? Today in Germany, let me introduce you to the top ten trolley case brands. Let's see what kind of trolley case is right for you!

(The following rankings are from the voting results of authoritative travel magazines)


Founded in 1898, Rimowa has adhered to German traditional craftsmanship for 100 years. The unique aluminum-magnesium alloy and bullet-proof plastic materials are complemented by precise hand-made quality. This makes Rimowa a perfect example of "Made in Germany". Top-quality travel luggage top brand. Rimowa has appeared in countless Hollywood movies, mostly used to load precision instruments and valuables. Its sturdy and lightweight reputation, simple and beautiful pleated groove design, is well received by fashion celebrities and celebrities from all walks of life.

There are 11 series of suitcases under the 6 series of Rimo. Many Topas of the Original series like it. The material is aluminum alloy. There are three colors of titanium gold, silver and matte black. The metallic look highlights the high-level atmosphere. Worth far more than most suitcases on the market. Although the material is the strongest and the appearance is beautiful, after all, the metal material is self-heavy, so the net weight of the 20-inch boarding case is as high as 4.2 kg, and the capacity of 31 liters can basically meet the needs of short-distance travel.

The Salsa Air model of the Essential Lite series is mainly ultra-light. The 21-inch boarding case weighs 2.1 kg, which is almost the same as the Samsonite Cosmolite 20-inch boarding case. This weight has few rivals in the hard case. However, this suitcase is designed with a single pole. Although the appearance is beautiful, the drag stability is always lower than the double pole products, and it is not suitable for other luggage items. The price starting from 4,000 RMB is suitable for consumers with ample budgets.

The Hybrid series is mainly made of PC, and the four corners of the box are made of aluminum-magnesium alloy, which not only takes care of fashion and beauty, but also protects the corner of the box from being broken and recessed to a certain extent, but the metal material is scratched accidentally. Scratches will be more obvious in the future, the price of 20, 26 and 30 inches are 5990, 7490 and 8090 RMB, respectively.

2.LouisVuitton (Louis Vuitton)

Louis Vuitton, from France, is a status symbol and an indicator of fashion boutiques. Its antique suitcases have always been collectors' favorite. Louis Vuitton, which started out as a suitcase in 1854, promotes the concept of travel style, and has a long history of nearly 160 years, which is enough to be a classic luggage brand. It is said that the LV travel luggage salvaged from the sunken Titanic, not only did not drip, but also kept its contents intact, which is one of the legendary stories of Louis Vuitton. In November 2010, Louis Vuitton also published "100 Legendary Trunks", which contains the historical track of LV classic suitcases, which can be described as a memoir of Louis Vuitton.


Originated in the United States in 1910, Samsonite is now a well-known international professional-level travel goods brand, known as the first choice for luggage. At that time, it produced wooden suitcases. In the era when vehicles and horses were the main tool, Samsonite was the ideal suitcase. Now it is one of the most professional luggage brands in the world. Today, Samsonite's new slogan, "Life's a Journey", symbolizes Samsonite's ability to integrate into the different areas of life of travellers. Entering a new era, Samsonite uses 100 years of experience to incorporate different innovative materials and technologies into the design. It continues to uphold the advantages of the brand's practicality and flexibility, and replaces the traditional “stable and conservative” with a stylish and modern appearance. The look of the suitcase has won the love and recognition of consumers around the world.

In its extremely rich travel case product line, soft cases are mainly imported nylon materials, which are basically designed to be expandable, while hard cases are mainly made of PC materials with excellent impact resistance and light weight.

Samsonite Cosmolite series, which is our familiar shell box. It belongs to the high-end black label series in the brand. The box material is made of CURV thermoplastic composite material developed by the German company Propex Fabrics. After the PP material is processed by a special process, the plate is super tough and light. There is no pressure on the single-handed case. The weight is almost no rival in the hard case. The 20-inch and 28-inch specifications are 4,279 RMB and 5079 RMB, respectively.

The high-end black label products also include SBL Cubelite and Lite-Box series. The box body is also CURV material, which maintains the consistent light weight and impact resistance characteristics of the material. The double-bar design of SBL Cubelite and Lite-Box is more stable, and the Lite-Box series box also uses a unique corner design to reduce the risk of the box corner being worn out or damaged. Two series of suitcases of the same size are about 200-500 RMB higher than Cosmolite.

Samsonite Evoa has a 20-inch suitcase front opening design, which can be used to store laptops and other items to meet the needs of travellers in the workplace. Large and medium specifications also have a capacity expansion design to make up for the lack of capacity of hard boxes and soft boxes. The price is higher than Inova, the 20-inch and 25-inch prices are 3380 and 3680 RMB.


Founded in 1933, it is a well-known travel brand in the United States. With the growth of many American families, it has been known for many years for manufacturing high-quality boarding cases. It is a reliable travel product selected by many airlines and ranks second in the European and American markets. American Tourister is the first luggage brand with its own brand trademark. The red and blue "butterfly wings" has always been the symbol of American Tourister's "reliable quality and reasonable price". In the 1980s, the famous "Grand Donald" Gorilla image endorsement advertisement was launched, which fully reflects the sturdiness and durability of the product. Together with Coca-Cola, IBM, and KFC, it was named by the American Times Magazine as the 100 most successful 100 advertising cases in the 20th century. one. The versatile interior design, stylish colors, and durable quality have been the biggest selling points of American Tourister. In 1993, the world's number one luggage maker Samsonite officially announced the acquisition of American Tourister and set him as an important label under Samsonite.

5.Delsey (French Ambassador)

Europe's first-ranked brand suitcase, with 6,600 sales bases in 110 countries around the world, and sells about 4 million suitcases each year, ranking first in Europe, the Middle East and Southeast Asia. Delsey has a confident and unique customer base. They need distinctive suitcases to show their identity and taste. At the same time, they need unfettered travel. To this end, the French ambassador has worked hard for hundreds of years to develop professional products to bring to customers, making them a unique consumer group. About 3 million suitcases are stolen worldwide every year, and the number of cases where contraband is jammed is endless, because the suitcases on the market can be easily opened with a ball pen. Therefore, in response to the needs of consumers, the French ambassador Delsey, under the leadership of a team of six top designers, combines traditional rugged properties and innovated and developed the world-renowned "STIP zip" (ZIP SECURI TECH). I believe it will definitely bring more safety and security to global travelers. One zipper pulls both the inner and outer double zipper at the same time. The 180-degree two-way zipper turn head and grip design can be pulled at any angle and is easy to use. The ST security zipper resists external destructive forces and is 41 times stronger than ordinary luggage zipper. Times, no box explosion, 14 times higher safety, 2.5 times higher abrasion resistance.


Antler Luggage is a British brand specializing in the production of luggage, also known as antlers. The biggest feature of its luggage is the extended luggage, smooth rollers and fixed luggage feet. The merchant's brand is except Antler. It also created a Revelation brand with low price requirements. Antler has partnerships with many British chain stores, including department stores such as John Lewis Partnership and House of Fraser. Antler is now a favorite of fashionistas. The British Antares bag was founded in the 1920s. Since the launch of Antares for nearly one hundred years, Antler has been the travel and business choice bag for high-class people in Europe, especially in Britain. In the direction of style design and case material innovation, we have been committed to providing high-quality, innovative products that are fashionable, comfortable and safe for travelers all over the world.


After more than 160 years of ups and downs, the Hermès family has made its brand famous through the joint efforts of several generations. As early as the 20th century, Hermès has become a typical representative of French luxury consumer goods. In the 1920s, Emile, the grandson of founder Thierry Hermes, once commented on the Hermès brand: "Leather products create a tradition of sport and elegance." At the beginning of the brand, Hermès was just a company in Paris that produced various carriages. This is a complete and well-equipped horse shop, and at the Paris exhibition held in 1885, Hermes won the first prize for such products. Since then, Hermès' son, Emile Charles, has set up a specialty store to produce and sell saddles and other items. With the emergence and development of vehicles and other vehicles, Hermès began to switch production, applying its exquisite manufacturing technology to the production of other products, such as wallets, travel bags, handbags, watch straps, and some sports such as golf , Polo, hunting and other auxiliary equipment. It is the consistent aim of Hermès to make all products perfect and impeccable. At present Hermes has a total of 14 series products, including leather goods, bags, scarves, men's and women's clothing series, perfumes, watches, etc., most products are hand-made. These Hermes boutiques, through its more than 200 specialty stores located in more than 20 countries and regions around the world, are integrated into the fast-paced modern life, bringing the world back to the traditional and elegant embrace.


The designer Hideo Wakamatsu released the Hideo Wakamatsu brand in 1989. He has repeatedly won the Japan GOOD DESIGN award for many years. His ideal mission is to "introduce the world's highest level of functionality and exquisite and beautiful Japanese design to the world". Hideo Wakamatsu uses his rich experience in studying and studying in France, retains the spirit of Japanese exquisite craftsmanship, and integrates European and American innovative and fashionable fashion culture, and is committed to creating products that bring pleasure to consumers. The red dot on the LOGO indicates the sun, the symbol of Japan, and also reflects the spirit of the brand. Hideo Wakamatsu サ ク ラ is a classic spark of the fusion of Japanese and French styles by Hideo Wakamatsu. Photo courtesy / Internet search SAKURA Sakura hard-shell case, which has attracted much attention overseas, is one of HIDEO WAKAMATSU's most famous suitcases. This suitcase is presented with cherry blossom petals belonging to traditional kimonos. The shell is polished and polished, showing a oriental beauty, sweet and romantic spring cherry blossoms, so beautiful that even the fashionable lady Paris Hilton quickly started! In addition, HIDEO WAKAMATSU's bags are often found in Japanese movies. The briefcase designated for use in the Japanese movie "HERO" is the MARS series of HIDEO WAKAMATSU; and the Japanese idol drama "Lovers of the Moon" starring the beautiful first model Lin Zhiling, her suitcase is HIDEO WAKAMATSU's Metro.


Tumi Tuming, the old name Tami. The company's founder, Mr. Charlie Clifford, was a member of the United States Peace Corps in South America. He named his company after the Peruvian god Tumi. In the 1980s, Tumi launched soft black and versatile pure black elastic nylon travelling bags and lightweight briefcases, making the Tumi brand gradually become an innovator of luggage and briefcase products. By the 1990s, due to continuous innovation in products, Tumi's strength in the field of luggage has developed rapidly. From small leather goods to office stationery, from electronics to women's accessories, Tumi combines modern design with superior product performance, continuously launches new products, and expands the brand's coverage. Tumi has won more than 100 product design and component patents and has received numerous awards from well-known consumer and lifestyle publications and business travel organizations. The cross-support handle system and T-Pass TM briefcase design are Tumi's exclusive and original designs. They are combined with FXT TM elastic nylon and other materials to make products with unique style and excellent performance.

Tumi's early bags were mainly nylon materials, which met military standards and had excellent abrasion resistance. Today, hard cases have gradually become the mainstream products in the travel suitcase market, but Tumi still mainly promotes nylon soft cases. The Alpha 2 series launched in 2017 is very representative.

The Tumi V3 series uses PC + ABS to make the box. It is Tumi's lightest hard case. The weight of the boarding case is 3.23kg. The expandable design is convenient to put more carry-on luggage. If you are looking for the appearance of a suitcase, the 19 Degree Aluminum series will be a good choice. The unique texture is more metallic. However, because it is made of aluminum alloy, the weight of the boarding case reaches 4.99kg, which is basically unavailable to portability. The price of 8980 RMB is more suitable for people with ample budgets.

Tumi also has an exclusive Tumi Tracer plan, placing a metal plate with a 20-digit registration number in each bag. Customers can enter contact information into the central database through registration. Even if they are accidentally lost, they can be easily retrieved.


A well-known Japanese luggage manufacturer, founded in 1940. Since Mr. Shinkawa Nakasaku opened the first store in Osaka, Japan to develop and sell bags, he has now become a brand representing the Japanese luggage industry and has sold in Asia, the United States, Europe and other countries and regions. Japan ACE is a first-class brand in the luggage industry. Adopting strict Japanese JIS quality standards, precise process technology, and advanced quality management system to provide consumers with peace of mind and trusted products. Therefore, the ACE hard box is not only characterized by its light weight and safe and reliable performance. "Fashion and environmental protection" design concept, 100% purity PC environmental protection materials to the fullest.

Xingan Greatchip Industry Co., Ltd. was established in 2008. With 10 million registered capital, the company has 18 years experience in luggage designing and manufacturing. It is a professional foreign trade export-oriented enterprise, which provide one stop service integrating with products R&D, manufacture, sales and logistics. For the past years, we had focused on serving foreign emerging brands and well-known brands. We have perfect quality control standard, professional manufacturing process and efficient customization service capability. Our professionalism and unremitting efforts can provide efficient brand customization service and reduce after-sales costs for emerging brands.

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