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What are the suitcases

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As the level of domestic manufacturing continues to improve, the quality of life of the people is getting better and better, and tourism is definitely an indispensable element to improve the quality of life. Then the question comes, how do you bring so many things to travel? How to choose a box and how to match it?


Generally speaking, the suitcases on the market are mainly composed of 20, 24 and 28 inches. As for the strange size of the suitcases, the free shipping limit for domestic flights is generally 158 cm (158 cm is the sum of the three sides of the size). If the size is standard, luggage up to 28 inches can be used as long as the weight does not exceed 32 kg, and 20-inch luggage can be carried on most domestic flights. If a person travels willfully without having to carry a 24-inch suitcase, consignment is a big problem.

Seeing this Li seems to have doubts, how much can the luggage of each size be loaded? To sum up, it can meet the luggage needs within 15 days. If there is a baby in the house, you need to prepare an additional suitcase. Of course, it ’s up to you to pretend.


They all say that the good-looking appearance is the same, and the interesting content is one of thousands. Luggages all look the same, of course, the more "connotative" luggage, the more interesting, let's first study what is on the market.


PC is also called "polycarbonate" (Polycarbonate), PC trolley case, as the name implies, is made of PC material trolley case. PC material, the main feature is light, the surface is more flexible, rigid, although it feels soft and feels not strong, but it is actually very flexible, ordinary adults have no problem standing on it, it is more convenient to clean.

This is the inside story of the industry. More than half of the suitcases on the market are not made of pure PC. Because PC materials are expensive, some bad manufacturers will add ABS materials to them. There is no difference in appearance from pure PC suitcases. Yes, in the same size trolley case, the PC trolley case is much lighter than the ABS trolley case and ABS + PC trolley case!

The temperature that another PC can withstand: -40 degrees to 130 degrees, the temperature that ABS can withstand: -25 degrees to 60 degrees, this is why cracked boxes can be seen in northern railway stations and airports.

2. Fabric / Leather

This type of luggage is almost no longer sold in the market, and has slowly retreated from the stage of history. Due to the material of fabric luggage, the luggage is abnormally heavy and cannot meet long-term travel. Cleaning is also a problem.

As for leather luggage, I always feel that the products belong to the 80s. At that time, the industry was not developed enough, and there were no more new materials to choose from. The biggest feature of this type of luggage is "expensive", and now it is still selling luxury goods.

3. Aluminum-magnesium alloy

Metal boxes have only become popular in recent years, and aerospace-grade aluminum-magnesium alloys are the best. Of course, the price is also over 1,000 yuan. In addition to expensive star models, metal suitcases also have civilian levels in China, but there is no star endorsement fee and the price is much lower. Metal boxes on the one hand symbolize a certain identity, and the other is to be able to perfectly prevent external forces from damaging the contents of the luggage. Alas, the little brother with the metal box was so handsome.

4. Aluminum frame

This is also a new product. The price of aluminum frame luggage is between metal box and PC box, and the price is the same. In fact, I think this type of suitcase is particularly embarrassing, because it has a metal-like appearance, but it is buckled by a bad merchant with a 100% magnesium aluminum alloy hat. You must know that the frame is only fixed with reinforced aluminum. There is no pure magnesium aluminum alloy. The characteristics are just a little bit stronger and more expensive than PC boxes.

Swivel wheels

The quality of the luggage is the only condition that determines the life of the luggage. Smoothness and noise reduction are the factors that determine the quality of the luggage. The TPE noise reduction material in the industry is the first choice. The precise bearing structure will greatly extend the life of the wheel.

Teach you a little trick, how to pick the wheels when buying luggage, people sit on top of their feet and pedal hard, feel if there is a stall, smooth and flexible, the other is to see if the manufacturing of the wheels is rough . As for online shopping, you should choose a big brand. Don't buy in other stores if it is tempting, just in case it is a trap.

Tie rod

Different material rods feel different in their hands. The high-strength wear-resistant materials must be comfortable to hold. The high-strength aluminum alloy of the rod itself is also the factor that determines the distance. The left and right shaking range is best at 50px.


Even if the price of a beautiful suitcase is tens of thousands, no one will buy it. Generally, the price of a suitcase made of PC is between 300-500, an aluminum frame suitcase is about 500, and a metal suitcase is more than 1,000 yuan. The luggage market in the future will be the competition of new materials and metal cases. Either the materials are hard enough, or they are smart enough to automatically follow, remote alarm or fingerprint recognition. On this basis, they must be cheap enough to meet the taste of geeks .

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