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What size suitcase can you bring by plane-Hongtu luggage

0 Author 2021-03-01 17:51:33

What size suitcase can be boarded? This question is of great concern to those who fly frequently. After all, major airlines have relevant regulations on whether the suitcase size should be checked, and the size exceeds the prescribed size. Suitcases must be checked in, and luggage checking is more troublesome, not to mention the high cost, and it is easy to lose your luggage. For this reason, choosing a suitcase of the right size can save a lot of unnecessary trouble. Next, the editor of Love Free Luggage will tell you how big a suitcase can be on the plane, let’s learn about it together.

Whether the suitcase can be directly carried on the plane depends on the sum of the three sides of the suitcase. As long as the total size of the three sides does not exceed 115cm, you can bring it on the plane, and compare it with the size of most suitcases on the market. Those who are no more than 22 inches can basically board the plane without checking in.

The size of a 20-inch suitcase is generally 34cm in length, 50cm in height, and 20cm in width. The capacity of this size suitcase is not bad. Basically, you can bring 4-6 sets of spring and autumn clothes plus some toiletries, which is more suitable for a person 3- A 7-day short business trip or travel.

It is worth noting that, in addition to the size of the suitcase, the airline also has regulations on the overall weight of the suitcase. Domestic flights: Passengers holding first class tickets can carry two pieces of luggage per person, and passengers holding business class and economy class tickets can carry one piece of luggage per person. The volume of each piece of luggage shall not exceed 20+40+55 cm. The total weight of the above two items should not exceed 5 kg. International flights: Normally, the size of each piece of luggage does not exceed 20+40+55 cm, and the total weight of hand luggage does not exceed 7 kg. Exceeding the prescribed weight is also subject to consignment. Therefore, when purchasing suitcases, in addition to the size of the suitcase, you should also pay attention to the weight of the suitcase. Try to choose a suitcase with a lighter and durable material. The suitability of the suitcase is also high.

The suitcase you choose is not unique enough, and the airport is easy to get the wrong baggage. It's better to try personalized customization, exclusive design, exclusive customization. Your suitcase will be the only one among the crowd, so you don't have to worry about crashing.

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