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Why should I bring a suitcase when I go out?

0 Author 2020-11-19 14:12:25

Nowadays, everyone's work is very busy, and two points and one line have become a way of daily life for many people. Starting from home in the morning and going home from the company in the evening, I seem to be listening to a single looping song, which makes people feel boring and stress. Whenever there is a holiday, traveling is a good way to reduce stress.

travel bag luggage

Many people will find that foreigners travel very simple, whether they are in scenic spots or on TV travel programs, they can be seen more like a walk-and-go trip. Foreigners usually only need to carry a bag to go out, while Chinese travel is much more complicated. A suitcase is a must, and even one is not enough.

It turns out that tourism in the eyes of foreigners is a way of leisure, and "touring" is the main thing, so you don't need to bring too many things, and you can enjoy the pleasure of traveling easily. For Chinese travel, it seems that "travel" is more important. Many people will make a list to see what they have forgotten to bring, and then try to squeeze everything into their suitcases.

travel bag luggage

Why do people bring suitcases when they go out? Some girls gave the answer because there are so many things to bring, and every trip feels like they have experienced a move. You can also find a moving company to help you when you are moving. When you travel, you need to bring everything yourself, and then drag your suitcase to go around various attractions.

travel bag luggage

There are a lot of clothes, a lot of cosmetics, plus a mobile phone camera, slippers, umbrellas, and even all kinds of gadgets. If you bring children, you may also have homework books and stationery books. From the list that some girls must bring when they go out, it can be found that if you want to pack it, you really need a large suitcase, and a backpack is far from enough.

Another thing that cannot be ignored is that backpacks are easily stolen. I believe that many people have had this experience, and sometimes they will lose things when carrying a backpack. Elderly people also often urge that in places with a lot of people, you should pay attention to your backpack, and it is best to turn your back in front.

travel bag luggage

Perhaps this is a kind of helplessness. In fact, traveling is to feel the fun on the road, not to move one's home to another place. Minimalism should be an attitude of going out to play. Some people suggest that if it doesn't work, bring an extra backpack. When you come to a place, you can store your luggage in a hotel or station, then bring your backpack and enjoy the joy of traveling in the mountains and rivers.


A boy said a word, which was moved after hearing it. He hopes that travel is a companionship, carrying his bag, freeing his hands, dragging his beloved, and looking at the beautiful world together. Just like a foreigner traveling lightly, it can fully relieve the pressure of work instead of turning into a tiring job.

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