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The backpack is exposed to black technology

0 Author 2020-12-30 14:24:31

Today, I will talk about black technology for everyone. The rapid development of technology refreshes our worldview all the time. In the mobile phone industry, the black technology that impressed the editor the most is Lao Luo's hammer phone. Some time ago, I heard that there is a data cable that can divide the power of the two mobile phones evenly when connecting two mobile phones. I have no specific research and have not seen this data cable, but I know that everyone has a distressing problem. The battery of the mobile phone "disappears out of thin air", and it feels that the mobile phone is not being used much, and the battery is a red alarm.

In order to solve this problem, the editor today specially introduces a backpack with black technology, which is more practical and simpler than the previous "same joy and sorrow". It is the use of solar energy to convert electricity into battery life for our mobile phones. It can also solve the charging problem of many mobile devices. Okay, I won't sell it to everyone.

This black technology backpack comes from Hanergy, which is a global clean energy multinational company and the world's largest thin-film solar energy company. A solar charging board is attached to the front of Hanergy Hanbag, and there are USB ports inside and outside the backpack. This solar charging board can collect external solar energy and convert it into electrical energy to charge mobile devices such as mobile phones and tablets.

In addition, what kind of backpack is Hanergy Hanbag? The editor will give you a more detailed introduction.

The Hanergy Hanbag is light gray overall, and the design style is simple and elegant. The light gray makes the user's gender and age boundaries disappear. The definition of "business and leisure travel" allows you to enter and exit any occasion without losing your identity.

The use of three-dimensional cutting technology makes this backpack look stiff and stylish when placed naturally. The addition of water-repellent function can help you cope with emergencies. You can also use a wet towel to clean up the dust on the backpack.

The side of the backpack has canceled the pocket design, instead of a black USB connector, it is very harmonious with the gray backpack, without a sense of abruptness.

The main bag of Hanbao is reasonably layered and multi-functional storage, so that your documents, clothing and other items are no longer messy. At the same time, the comfort of carrying the back shoulders and waist is improved, and the shoulders are liberated while also liberating the pressure. There is no increase in the overall weight of the backpack due to the addition of the solar film layer, and the upper body feels great.

When walking and charging with the Hanbag on your back, the charging device is not affected by the twisting and shaking of the body during walking in the sun. It can also charge the mobile phone well in cloudy days without affecting our experience. I wonder if everyone is interested in this black technology backpack!

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