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Why does my trolley suitcase fail to pull out the trolley?

0 Author 2021-07-21 15:09:10

  When the suitcase is in use, the lever cannot be pulled out suddenly. what? Surprise? At this critical time, the trolley suitcase went on strike. Solved from the principle of changing the direction of movement, what should I do if the luggage lever cannot be pulled out!

  When buying trolley suitcase, which are the points that buyers should pay attention to? When buying trolley suitcase, they will think of price, color, material, etc., and often ignore the small levers, universal wheels and zipper locks.

  Although the design and craftsmanship of the trolley suitcase has a lot to do with the material and processing technology of the suitcase, it is easy to happen when the lever cannot be pulled out during the process of using the trolley suitcase. It can’t be used happily.

Trolley suitcase for travel

  How does the luggage trolley work?

  When using the trolley suitcase, you will see that there are several sets of symmetrical protruding semi-circular balls on the outside of the trolley. These sets of small spheres can fit into the slot of the trolley wall. These points are the work of the luggage. The key point is to change the direction of movement of the object.

  Using this kind of technology on the umbrellas used in daily life, the trolley of the suitcase is similar to the use on the umbrella.

  What should I do if the luggage lever cannot be pulled out?

  is sent directly to the after sales place of the box product, let the manufacturer help solve the problem, a simple and easy way to use!

  Appropriately shake the lever above the lever to see if the lever can be pulled out smoothly.

  Open the box and find the place on the wall of the tie rod inside the box to find the reason and clean up the small balls and card slots on the tie rod.

  If the above-mentioned methods still cannot pull out the lever, the lever of the box has been damaged in most cases, and the box cannot be used normally.

  When using trolley suitcase, you must use and transport the suitcase in a reasonable and appropriate way. The suitcase should be cleaned and maintained in a timely manner. If you want to take care of yourself, take care of your suitcase, and the service life of the suitcase can be appropriately extended.

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