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Backpackers need to know, what is a round-the-world pass?

0 Author 2021-09-02 15:58:19

  The round-the-world package is not a ticket operated by a single airline, but a multi-segment ticket jointly issued by an alliance of different airlines in many countries. The essence is to use airlines in the alliance to achieve relay races between destinations, with at least a dozen member airlines. Just need to complete the round-the-world trip within the time limit of this package (within one year). Europeans and Americans who love to travel have long started to use this method to fulfill their dream of going around the world.

  What is the attraction of the round-the-world pass?

  ①Cheaper: Compared with expensive intercontinental flights, the biggest advantage of the round-the-world package is that it is relatively cheaper and can avoid the impact of the difference in low and peak seasons, especially including many routes that are usually very expensive. Using the flight segment of the round-the-world ticket can avoid the expensive price, which can be said to be very good value.

  ②Convenient: Because it is a combination of different airlines, after selecting the destination you want to stay in, just contact the corresponding airline in advance to confirm that there is a space. This saves the trouble of buying a ticket separately, and one ticket can solve the problem.

  ③There are many routes to choose from, and there are few destination restrictions: With the support of many airline alliances, basically all major travel destinations in the world can be freely selected using package tickets. Especially now that there are more and more members of the airline alliance, more and more destinations can be selected in the round-the-world air tickets.

  You must determine your own route, roughly divided into several flight segments, stop several times, and then book online through the airline alliance or directly issue the ticket through the airlines within the alliance. If you need to change the date halfway, you can change it for free if you have confirmed that you have a ticket by the airline, but there is often an additional charge for changing the route.

  Nowadays, the three more well-known alliances in the world are the following three alliances: Star Alliance, One World, and Sky Team. The three alliances have their own characteristics, and their package products are also suitable for different travel methods.

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