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Backpacker's backpack

0 Author 2021-09-08 18:06:14

  Backpacks are the warehouses and homes we move when we hike. A reasonable choice of backpacks can help reduce fatigue and risk during the hike. It also enables us to fully experience the charm of the wilderness.

  After hiking, many friends often complain of backaches, especially shoulders. However, many old donkeys rarely have sore shoulders and backs. On the one hand, they benefit from good physical fitness, and on the other hand, they are also attributed to the use of scientifically designed backpacks.

  I believe many friends have asked this question: "I want to buy a backpack, is there any recommendation?"

  In fact, when asking this question, we need to be clear about two points:

  1) What kind of route do you plan to take;

  2) What is the budget?

  When I first participated in outdoor activities, I also asked the same question, and I asked it often. Later, I bought a backpack on a certain platform. As a result, there was a problem when I went hiking for the first time, because there was a problem with the backpack's carrying system.

  If you only want to buy a backpack and want to be able to use it on a variety of different routes, then I recommend choosing the standard type, because the standard type backpack has many compression bags, which can significantly reduce the size of the backpack and greatly expand the scope of use. If you are only hiking for a day on the weekend, then an ultra-light backpack will be the best choice.

  Usually the name of the backpack contains the information of the backpack’s capacity. For example, the classic backpack works of Archaeopteryx Bora80, RT45, Naos55, the numbers in it all represent the real volume of the backpack, which is also the effective volume.

  And some backpacks will be marked with +10 on the name, and +10 indicates the volume of the auxiliary structure, not the effective volume of the backpack.

  The carrying system is composed of Should Strap, Frame, Hip Pad, Hipbelt, Sternum Belt, Back Pad and related Auxiliary Lace. Its function is to carry equipment and transfer its weight to the body.

  According to the ergonomic design of the backpack, it can effectively transfer the weight of the backpack to the waist as much as possible, and distribute the remaining weight to the shoulders and back reasonably, avoiding a concentrated force.

  Frame is the bracket of the backpack, including External-Frame and Internal Frame. Usually, the frame is used when the backpack is designed to bear more than 30 kg.

  Like the bones of the human body, the frame supports and transmits gravity. The outer frame is exposed on the outside of the backpack, while the inner frame is hidden deep-fixed in the Frame Socket inside the backpack. Most backpackers’ backpacks are inner frame backpacks.


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