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The man hid his suitcase and flew from Southern Cross Station to Central Station

0 Author 2021-09-15 18:08:58

  A very shocking video

  went viral on youtube recently

  A man from the United States in the video

  Adam Saleh

  try to hide in a suitcase

  flew from Southern Cross Station to Central Station

  As a result, there is no security check for luggage

  actually managed to fly a plane

  After the video was uploaded, it received enthusiastic attention!

  It hit 300,000 high clicks within 24 hours of uploading


  About the safety hazards of airlines

  has become a hot topic for everyone!

  There are worries and doubts

  Various voices are clamoring


  Successfully smuggled a large living person with a suitcase

  This little brother lying in the box is called Adam Saleh

  Adam and his friends planned a "smuggling" operation.

  The title of video reads like this:

  Don't imitate! This film is produced by a professional idiot!


  Use a suitcase to transport yourself from Southern Cross Station to Central Station.

  So just do it!

  The two accomplices worked very hard to stuff Adam into a black suitcase.


  Except Adam himself in the box

  only left one mobile phone,

  is used to film his every move in the suitcase.


  It’s not difficult to see that Adam in the suitcase is very uncomfortable.

  The space is very small.

  He said to the camera in the suitcase:

  "I'm scared, I don't know if I can survive."

  I really admire his courage,

  Are you afraid that you still dare to try?

  was drove to the airport by his accomplices,

  A group of people came to the airline's automatic check-in area,

  Some low-cost airlines adopt the method of self-checking luggage in order to save labor.

  and this gives people a chance

  And Adam also used this method to check himself on the plane.


  In the video, the self-service check-in machine shows that the luggage is overweight.

  But after making up the excess fee

  They boarded the plane smoothly.


  The whole process is so smooth,

  Even Adam's accomplices were stunned.


  was that successful?

  There is no staff from the beginning to the end to stop them

  When happiness comes knocking on the door

  The camera turns,

  My partner showed that the seat beside him originally belonged to Adam

  And where is Adam at this time?

  He was successfully transported into the luggage compartment of the plane

  After the plane took off,

  The two friends enjoyed a drink

  So far, airlines still haven’t noticed that a person is hidden in the suitcase

  1 hour and 40 minutes of the journey passed in a flash,

  The plane successfully arrived at Central Station from Southern Cross Station

  The two accomplices are very worried about Adam’s situation,

  don't know if he is still alive

  And Adam in the suitcase looked sweaty,

  But apparently survived!


  The moment  crawled out of the suitcase,

  Adam can't seem to believe that he is already in Sydney!

  The camera swept over,

  There are still no airport staff interfering around the baggage transport belt


  After realizing that he had successfully smuggled himself,

  Adam opened his arms excitedly and made a triumphant gesture to the other passengers around

  and the passengers around him were all stunned!

  all stayed there,

  I don't know why a big living person crawled out of the suitcase!


  Airline response: This is hype!

  In response to this "very controversial" video,

  Tiger Airways, the airline on which Adam flies, issued a public condemnation.

  claimed that the video was a carefully edited scam!

  Tigerair refutes the authenticity of this video with 3 strong evidences!

  Overweight luggage

  Tiger Airways first stated that there was a problem with the self-checked baggage in the video.

  When the computer shows that the baggage exceeds the 30KG limit, there must be a staff member to assist with the baggage check problem

  So there is no such thing as the absence of staff present in the video


  When the plane rises to 36,000 feet, the temperature in the luggage compartment is actually very cold.

  If nothing happens,

  Adam should be frozen into a popsicle when he got off the plane.

  instead of alive and kicking in the video.


  Tigerair said,

  They called up the monitoring and showed that Adam did indeed use his feet to get on the plane!

  instead of hiding in the suitcase as shown in the video,

  So everything is fake!


  Airline said:

  Ensure the safety and health of passengers and staff is our top priority! This purpose is always strictly implemented in every aspect of work.

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