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Is a backpack or a suitcase better for traveling?

0 Author 2021-10-12 14:52:50

  The essential difference between backpacks and suitcases is that backpacks are suitable for all terrain, while suitcases are only suitable for flat roads (usually cities).

  The advantage of the suitcase is that it can be slid and dragged away. Generally, the suitcases now have four wheels, which is very easy. But all uneven roads, including stairs without elevators, gravel roads, sandy roads, mountain and mud roads, snowy roads, etc., cannot be pulled, and must be carried. Because the luggage is easy to drag, and the volume is relatively large, we usually put heavier, but once we have to carry it, it can be much more tiring than backpacks. It is worth noting that, like gravel roads, suitcases can sometimes be dragged barely, but rubble entangled in it will quickly damage the wheels of the suitcase.

  The advantage of backpack is all terrain. As long as people can walk, 99% of backpacks can walk together. The disadvantage is that the weight of the backpack is on the person, which is relatively tiring. But the weight-bearing system of a good backpack can transfer 80% of the weight through the belt to the core and legs. The shoulder belt mainly serves as a balance and fixation. Because the core and leg strength are much larger than the shoulders, it actually feels good. Regarding the feature selection and technical points of the backpack, you can write a very long article separately. There is no need to expand here. In general, the complexity and technical requirements of the backpack are much higher than that of the suitcase.

  If you only use a backpack to travel, it means that all items must be placed in the backpack. Travel items can be large or small. If the backpack has more storage functions, the items can be sorted and placed, which can save space and take the items. And convenient.

  Using a backpack to travel, as long as you carry the bag on your back, free your hands, and it is more convenient to hurry;

  The material of the backpack is soft, elastic, and can be worn more easily. At the same time, professional outdoor bags can also avoid the burden of excessive luggage on the body;

  is more widely used. When there is a fixed residence, you can put the backpack in the residence. When playing with a small bag, it is convenient to move with the bag.

  The luggage is large in size and takes up a lot of space, so you must use your hand to go up and down the steps;

  Need to push on the road, if the road is not good to push up, it will be very laborious and inconvenient to drive;

  If you need to find something on the road, it is troublesome to open the suitcase;

  It’s easy to be stolen by others if you don’t pay attention outside.

  To sum up, generally speaking, when we go to the city for a tour, if we can drag it all the way to the hotel, we choose the suitcase. Otherwise, it is suitable to choose a backpack.

  Backpacking must use an outdoor bag with a professional carrying system. The carrying system is actually a series of accessories on the backpack that can spread the weight of your backpack. We usually feel that the backpack is not carrying that heavy, and it feels like someone is carrying it behind you. Like a backpack, that's the credit of carrying the system. The weight of the luggage required for travel like the subject requires the support of the carrying system. Otherwise, if you carry it for a long time, you will not only feel strangled, but also cause damage to your shoulders and necks.

  Regardless of whether we choose a backpack or a suitcase, we should all have a small carry-on backpack, so that after the big suitcase or backpack is placed in the residence, the small backpack can be easily traveled.

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