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Small details about the trolley luggage series

0 Author 2021-10-21 17:45:21

  About size

  Size is also an element that must be paid attention to when choosing a trolley case. Regarding the size and capacity of the trolley case, you can refer to the chart below and choose according to your main daily use scenarios. I often prepare a 20-inch or 22-inch small suitcase for short-term business trips of 2-3 days, and then prepare a 28-inch large suitcase to carry when going abroad. The large capacity is more than enough for daily items for 2-3 people. You can share the baggage allowance of multiple people when you fly, so you don’t have to worry about overweight. For business people who need to travel to another place for a short period of time, they can buy a 24-26 inch medium-sized suitcase, which is not a problem to meet the daily change of clothes for 5-10 days.

  About the scroll wheel

  The roller at the bottom of the trolley case is the most frequently used part of the trolley case, and its service life directly determines the life of the trolley case. In addition, smoothness, quietness, and control are also the points that must be paid attention to when choosing a roller. There are three main types of 360° universal wheels currently generally selected by everyone.

  4 rounds 360° universal wheel

  The swivel wheels are flexible to turn, and the box can be parked at any time. After parking, the box will always remain upright, not easy to tip over, and is convenient for pulling next time. In addition to the moving method of tilting the box body, the universal wheel can also be pushed directly on the ground with four wheels, saving time and effort. After using the 360° universal wheel, there is no need to return to the previous directional wheel.

  8 rounds 360° universal wheel

  8-wheel universal wheels have 8 independently rotatable wheels, which are usually called double-row wheels. This kind of wheel is more flexible and can control the direction more effortlessly. When there are more objects inside and the box is heavier, the advantages of the 8-wheel universal wheel will be more obvious.

  8-wheel silent aircraft wheel

  Aircraft wheels are made of 8-wheel universal wheels with a softer TPE rubber material, which is quieter and smoother on the basis of increasing the cushioning properties of the rollers, and has a higher degree of wear resistance. The user experience is better than the above two types of rollers, so when choosing the rollers of the suitcase, Ozawa recommends choosing 8-wheel silent aircraft wheels.

  About the lever

  The trolley rods of the trolley case mainly include aluminum alloy and pure aluminum materials. The aluminum alloy rods are thinner, more rigid, and have better compression resistance. The pure aluminum rods are lighter in weight. There is a limited choice of aluminum alloy rods when choosing;

  Secondly, at least select the gear that can be adjusted in more than 3 stages for the pulling gear of the pull rod to adapt to the applicable people of different heights;

  Finally, after pulling out the lever completely, test its left and right shaking, and the shaking amplitude is at least 1cm in order to be regarded as a qualified lever.

  About the lock

  The TSA customs lock is a universal security lock led by the US Federal Transportation Security Administration. During customs clearance, the staff will use the universal TSA key to open the trolley case through the keyhole for random inspection. At this time, if your trolley case does not have it TSA customs locks may be opened violently.

  Finally, choose a trolley case that suits you. You can’t just look at whether the appearance is in line with your preferences. The appearance is important, but you must also make a rational judgment based on the use scene of your life, so that you can buy it and use it in the future. Trolley case.

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